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Private Lenders

First and Second  Private Mortgages In Quebec

Do you need a first or second mortgage in Quebec?  Well then you should contact us now. We can provide you with the best Private first and second mortgage rates Canada has to offer between 8-18%.

Do you need need a Private mortgage because you have one of the following reasons:

– bad credit

– debt consolidation
– renovations
– business and investment projects
The major Canadian banks have set very high criteria for people who are applying for a loan; this ensures that the banks reduce their exposure to any bad debt losses. Unfortunately, this means that many people who can easily afford a mortgage are turned down. A borrower can get  turned down if their credit rating is not very good or if the loan to value of their property is too high and they can be turned down for a host of other reasons. Private lenders are much more flexible and will consider each loan application based it its merits.Self employed income has always raised red flags with many traditional Canadian lenders such as the major banks. The primary reason for this is that self employment income can be overstated. Private lenders look at self employed income as one component of the overall financial picture, as long as there is enough equity in your property a private lender will be interested in providing you with the mortgage you need.


Most private lenders in Quebec use the loan to value (LTV) ratio as the primary indicator to funding a mortgage deal. An LTV below 75% means that your chances of getting funding are very good. I can obtain up to 83% financing Lenders with private hard money will look at each individual situation to decide on whether to provide funding for a mortgage.

We strive to provide you with the best service possible and in a timely fashion. You can have your money quickly and reliably.  We will be totally honest with you and tell you the pros and cons of all the mortgage options that are available to you. Lenders with private hard money are an excellent source of funding when other financial institutions have turned you down. Contact me for more information on private lenders, with regards to new Private first and second mortgages.

Contact us now and we’ll you find a Private lending solution in Quebec within 24 hours!  You can have the money quickly and reliably.

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